A nice collection of covers of vinyl

Thirty-Three Project

 is a blog that collects minimalist designs fonts due to work of owning a record store for sale in Seattle: Jive Time Records  , which scans the covers and climbs.

Which characterizes all of them are geometric shapes and vivid colors that take us back to the ’60s.

Rear Window installation in a panoramic


A great classic like ‘Rear Window’ from Hitchcock has been broken up into After Effects and reissued under the leadership of Jef Desom

 . The result has the name ‘Rear Window Timelapse’.

Collage time

John Clang

 freezes spaces at different points in time. His work ‘Time’  we moves to the streets of New York streets where many people pass daily and between them are unknown but Clang about through the assembly.

Audiovisual work that experiments with the fantastic and psychedelic.


 comes from the philosophical theory Solipsism, one that defends the idea that the only thing we can be sure of is the existence of self, and everything around us are emanations of the mind.

Truth Hurts

Painful iPhone truths

Fun Fonts

This gallery contains 4 photos


The Finnish designer and illustrator,  Vesa Sammalisto , comes to brighten your day with these fun fonts.

Interactive installation of light

Based on the experiments of Isaac Newton and his historic discovery of the theory of colors, comes Prisma1666.

An interactive installation of light, composed of 15 triangular glass blocks distributed randomly on a white surface and smooth.

Three Cubes Colliding


To  Heather and Ivan Morrison

  occurred to them that is not just for children, and decided to embark on ‘Little Shining Man’, a kite made ​​with 1700 3-D connectors, carbon fiber rods and a fabric called ‘cubenfibre’, designed by  Sash Reading  .